Kindergarten News

Week of December 7-11

Check Out The Fun!

Monday-In writing, we wrote about the things we did over the weekend. The students are doing a great job of adding details to their writing. They are beginning to write about more than one idea. In the Wonder Lounge, we spent time working on sight words and literacy apps. During reading, we are working on recognizing the punctuation marks. We are noticing the period, exclamation mark, and question mark.

Tuesday-What a busy Tuesday! Mrs. Joyner visited our room for our weekly guidance lesson. We are continuing to discuss the six pillars of character. See if your child can name all six. We are continuing to talk about holidays all around the world. We are noticing the difference between land and water on a map. During laptops, we checked out what Moby and Annie taught us about continents and water on Brain Pop Jr. There was also a puzzle game about the continents.

Wednesday-In writing, we read Lunch by Denise Fleming. Then, we generated lists of our favorite foods. Using a graphic organizer, (plate, fork, & spoon) we drew and labeled our favorite foods. It was fun writing on paper without lines! Next week is our last week of fifth grade book buddies until 2016 so we decided to create holiday cards for them! We are excited to give the cards to them!

Thursday-In math, we are working on ten frames. There is also an engaging iPod app called Ten Frame Fill. Students had to recognize how many empty spaces were in the ten frame. We are also continuing to learn about the calendar. See if your child can name the days of week and months of a year. We are also counting by 5's and 10's to 100. We have been working really hard on this. Feel free to ask your child to count for you!

Friday-Non-Fiction Friday! We read about bear cubs and how scientists study them. Feel free to check out the online resources to learn more. Throughout this week, we created holiday gifts for our families. We hope that you enjoy these! We will be sending these home in the Tuesday folder.

Upcoming Events

Tonight-PTO Family Movie Night (6:00-8:30pm)

Friday, December 18-Polar Express Day in Kindergarten! There is more information coming home in your child's Tuesday folder. Students can wear their pajamas. Please remember to bring shoes for PE.

Friday, December 18-Bring A Stuffed Animal To School Day

December 21-January 1-Winter Holiday Break

January 4-School Resumes