Discover the Fate of the Factions...

Book By: Veronica Roth; Report By: Laura Van Stone

Enjoy this amazing book by a New York Times Best Selling Author! This book has 525 pages that will keep you on the edge of your seat giving you a great read!

After the Erudite attack simulation was over, the factions were left scrambled. But then the factionless leader, Evelyn Johnson stepped up to lead. She didn't know that she was leading the a city that was were Chicago used to be. But some people did not like what she was doing to the government, and these people called themselves the Insurgent. The Insurgent people were the rebels. Soon, the Insurgent gathered people to help fight the battle including Tris(Beatice), Four(Tobias), Caleb, and Marcus. They wanted to find a better way to live, without being separated into factions. Watch the Insurgent fight their faction battle to find out how it all goes down.

This book is in the 1st person point of view. They describe the events really well, and they are talking about it like they were experiencing it. If they were watching it, they would say "them, they, her, him, etc..". The story is told by Tris, so she uses the characters names "Johanna, Tobias, Marcus, Evelyn, etc.".

In this story there is a powerful theme. You can tell that it affects the actions and decisions of every character. The theme is never give up no matter what happens.

This theme applies to my life because I don't give up at activities or schoolwork. I don't give up no matter what happens. Even if it hurts, like at cheerleading, I could never do any of the tumbling. But now that I've worked hard and haven't given up, I have finally gotten the skills I need.