October 21, 2022 : SJH Staff Newsletter

Soooo yeeaaahhhhh.....we did get taped to a wall.

Thank you ALL for making today a fabulous day for students. They earned today's festivities by raising nearly $25,000 to support clubs and activities through PTO. AT Glow-a-Thon, Greg and Tyler were taped to a wall and Field Day went off without a hitch, as flex bells were creatively competitive! Today was a memorable day of fun for both teachers and students! These funds widely impact our building and allow us the flexibility to do creative programming with student & teacher incentives, along with increasing budgets for all the clubs and activities we offer students. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you weren't able to check out the Fall play make sure you swing by tonight or tomorrow at 7pm at the High School to support our drama students. (different than students with drama....). =)

Next week is the final week of the quarter. We know you are stressed, but there is an end in sight. We know you are busy with getting projects, assignments, and other tests into gradebooks, notifying home, and tracking down kids. Next week is also a four day week. Please make sure that Student Personalized Learning assignments are posted in your weekly learning guides, as we have directed families to look for them.

As always, please reach out with any ideas, feedback, questions, or concerns. We always look forward to supporting you.

Happy Weekend!

--Janelle, Tyler, Greg

Mark your Calendar!

  • October 25: Safety Drill- Flex
  • October 27th: IN-PERSON Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 (more info to come)
  • October 27th: 1st Quarter Grade Period Ends
  • October 28th: Teachers Records Day (Remote Optional)
  • October 31st: Halloween Dress-up Staff & Students -- Prizes for best dressed!!
  • November 4th: 1st Quarter Report Cards Posted Online
  • November 16: Technology Roundtable

SAFETY DRILL OCTOBER 25, 2022 (Flex Bell)

Safety Drill 10/25/2022 (Flex Bell)

  1. Close and lock all classroom doors as administration, Officer Otte and others will be checking the security of the doors. Do not write passes at the beginning of the bell. We will make an announcement when we are out of the lockdown. You do not need to physically move things within the room, but a discussion of what to do in the event that these types of events would occur and how to prepare.
  2. Show THIS VIDEO to the students. It would be good to ask for thoughts and big points to remember after viewing (Run, Hide, Fight).
  3. Please read out loud the following scenarios to your students and allow them to share possible answers or outcomes. Here is a building map as a reference tool (it would be good to display this for the discussion).

  1. There is an intruder in the building near the Main Office. Based on your classroom location, what is your plan: Run, Hide, or Fight? If you Run, what is your best path out of the building and once out of the building?

  2. There is an intruder in the building near the Cafeteria. Based on your classroom location, what is your plan: Run, Hide, or Fight? If you Run, what is your best path out of the building and once out of the building?

  3. You have chosen to barricade due to an intruder in the building; you have 30 seconds to barricade; what items would you use in your current space?

  4. What would you use in case of an intruder entering your classroom?

  5. You are currently in a hard lockdown due to an intruder in the building. You have barricaded your classroom and now have a 12-year-old knocking on your door, wanting to get in. What would you do?

  6. You are currently in lockdown due to an intruder outside of the building near the Courtyard. Based on your classroom location, what is your plan: Run, Hide, or Fight? If you Run, what is your best path out of the building and once out of the building?

For any feedback, comments or concerns, please email Officer Otte or Greg Cole


Costumes can be worn

  • No weapons or fake weapons

  • No masks

  • Must follow dress code

  • No politically affiliated costumes

  • Must be able to sit, learn, move throughout the school without disrupting others, and actively participate in class

Costume Competition

  • Lunch time

  • 4 categories: Funnies, Scariest, Most Creative, Best Group

    • Winners at each lunch and for staff

    • Winner gets a large bag of candy

    • Lunchroom teaching staff are judges (done at lunch, walk to recess, and recess)

Flex Bells are welcome to decorate their door if agreed upon by the teacher and students supply materials

Holiday List

OctoberNational Disability Awareness Month

October 24, 2022Diwali (Hindu, Sikh)

October 31, 2022Halloween (American)

NovemberNative American Heritage Month

November 8, 2022Election Day (American/Federal)

November 8, 2022Gurpurab (Sikh)

November 11, 2022Veteran's Day(Federal)

November 24, 2022Thanksgiving Day (American/Federal)


December 18 - 26, 2022Hanukkah (Jewish)

December 25, 2022Christmas Day (Christian)

December 26, 2022 - January 1, 2023Kwanzaa (African)

*All Jewish, Islamic, and Bahá’í holidays begin at sundown on the evening before the first date shown.

Meet Social Studies


-7 Bachelors Degrees

-6 Masters Degrees

-11 Universities

-153 Years Experience

-11 Districts

-251 Seasons of Coaching

-18 Different Sports Coached


  • We are old - 324 combined ages - 46.3 average

  • 16 kids

  • 2 Bartendars (34 years of experience)

  • 1 Lead Singer

  • 1 Mountain Climber

  • 1 Restauranter


The Sycamore High School Teaching Professions Academy is offering "Teachers' Night Out" Babysitting for any Sycamore Staff and their families. It takes place the first school Friday of the month for children 3-10 who are restroom trained; 6:00pm - 9:00pm @ the high school. The cost is $20.00.

Here is the link to the sign-up for anyone interested.

Looking forward to serving your staff!

Thank you!


Bite Size PD

Learn about Trauma-Informed classroom practices. From Children's Hospital.
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Final Forms

Teachers/Staff members can create "proposed groups" in Final Forms if they are a sponsor of a club, activity, or going on a field trip. I will get a notification to accept the group allowing a Staff member to access the child's EMA, and profile card and email the student/parent. Proposed Group- How to Video
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ONE STOP SHOP for Staff - 2022-2023

This link houses all the important documents you need for the upcoming school year.

As you will see, some of the documents are in the process of being revised.


Share the following:

  • social events
  • fundraisers
  • items for sale
  • vacation homes for rent
  • employment opportunities

Enter the information on this spreadsheet.