House for a Urn

Kevin, Nick, Yaseen, and Kahlil

Our Goal

Our goal for this project was to provide a house for a urn for the little brother of our classmate. The mother wanted a house to place the ern. Our group felt as though we wanted to their family out so we took on the task. The SLA community is all about helping each other out and working with each other. That is what we incorporated in this projec.t

Tools Used

Nail Gun - We used the nail gun to nail the sides of the house together.

Wood Glue - We used the wood glue to keep the roof in place, before we stapled it.

Mechanical Hand saw - We used this tool when the wood was too small to use the chop saw, to trim off small pieces, and to cut the wood pieces on a 45 degree angle to make a certain type of house.

Table Saw - We used this tool when the wood pieces was too big for the chop saw

Sander - We used this to sand down the edges, for the house to be smooth

Chop saw - We used this to cut the sides of the house

Our Creation

We created our ern from...

  • A selection sturdy wood

  • Some nails to hold the wood pieces together

  • Also wood glue for to make the structure secure

  • We also used paint to design the outside of the ern

House for a Urn