From New Netherlands to New York

Newly New York

Interesting Fact!

Something very interesting about New York was that it had no taxes, because it didn't have an elective legislature. This was very different because all of the other colonies had harsh taxes put on their governments by the British Parliament. It also had religious freedom, so it had a very diverse population, and led to the growth of this colony.

Entry 12

We came and we conquered

I was one of the four hundred troops needed for the expedition to New Netherlands, and we were to conquer that land. We must have had over sixty warships, and it was a beautiful sight to see that many great ships moving as one. I could only imagine how it looked for the Dutch, they must have been wetting themselves at the sight of us. When we came to the land there was no resistance, we marched in and demanded the land. We outnumbered them four to one, and James just took control, and named our conquered land "New York". I'm glad to be part of a great empire, and the start of a great colony. II saw this colony become great, they had religious freedom and a diverse population. At the begging they had no taxes, and that was the greatest freedom. This colony had the potential to be the greatest.

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I use all my information on pages 95 and 96 in my "We the People" textbook, and used images from google.