Ocean-Intertidal and Neritic Zone


The places in the Ocean-intertidal and neritic zone

This picture below is a place where some of the animals at the bottom of the page live and many others like fish,turtles,coral reefs, and many other types of animals.This isn't the only place in the ocean where these animals mainly live they live in all other types of place and either in the ocean in their own home or in a place that they share with other animals.
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These are some of the animals that live in the Ocean-Intertidal and Neritic Zone

These animals are great examples of wildlife in the Ocean

Frequently Asked Questions

People have asked things like do fish have to live in a certian area or can they live where ever they want. I say yes depeding on what they think is most best for how they want to live. Finally the animals in the ocean can live where ever they want and they can but they either have to know that the place is safe for them and if its comfortable.