Berlin Germany

By Patrick McConnell


The reason I want to go to Berlin is because it has always interested me. The city has a very interesting history. Berlin was controlled by 23 different royal family's at different times some can still be seen today but unfortunately most of there kingdoms were destroyed very few palaces remain. The last royal family fell after WW1. During WW2 Berlin was the central control of the Nazi reign. It is also believed to still have Nazi secrets and the Nazis stolen art and treasure. It has lots of interesting sites. It also had the only skeleton of a Spinosaurus but was unfortunately was next to the Nazi headquarters and was completely destroyed by allied bombings. Berlin was in 2 one side controlled by the vengeful russians and the constitutional americans. The side Russia controlled was miserable with poverty and lack of food while the american side were happy and free. The separation between the two side was called the berlin wall. This is why i want to visit berlin.

Cost to live and stay in Berlin

I will take a plane to berlin of course. The distance from Houston to Berlin is 5,321 miles. It will cost me about 12 hours to arrive and it will cost me 1,403 dollars U.S. . I will go with my parents to the airport then go to berlin on my own. When I arrive in Berlin I will head to my hotel which is close to the airport it is about 10 miles away from the airport. The hotel is 80 dollars a night it is called the Dasstue which is near a museum of art. My spending money will be 1,000. I will plan on trying some of the local foods and restaurants like cafe jacques. I will have 500 dollars for food. What I want to do in Berlin. I want to do is visit Pergamon museum and the gurtseburg gate visit several of the land marks I would like to visit the museum island. The total cost is $2,983.


The dastue is where I am staying It is very old hotel it has been around for about 150 years and wasn't always a hotel it used to be a mansion owned by one of the royal family's after the family fell the mansion became a housing for runaway jews jurying the war. It became a hotel after the war had ended. It is close to the airport and is near a museum of art.
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Unique things to do

Some of the unique things to do are that Berlin is the only city in the world have 3 operating opera houses. The sites are amazing and they have many trails to explore. They have art galleries with paintings that are hundreds of years old. The museums have hundreds of lost treasures and fossils.

Things to do

I want to visit the island museum. I want to visit what is left of the berlin wall. I would like to visit the museum of Nazi war. They even have the artifacts from the death camps and what they owned in the camps. They have a giant maze in the museum you run through it and try to find your way out. Sky diving from a ww2 German military plane to simulate what it was like to jump from during the war.
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