Birthday Brochure

Jackson Mellencamp

When I was born.

I was born on October 17, 2002
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Celebrities with the same birthday

Eminem (rapper) born in 1972

Evil Knievel (Motorcyclist) born in 1938

Nancy Sullivan (actress) born in 1969

Christina Crawford (WWE wrestler) born in 1988

Carlos Gonzalas (Baseball Player) born in 1985

Events that happened on my birthday

-In 2003 Teipei 101 became the worlds tallest building.

-On October 17, 1907 the first telegraph was sent over seas.

-The first National Geographic magazine was released on October 17, 1888

-On October 17, 1933 Albert Einstein moved from Germany to New Jersey.

-October 17, 1777 the American troops defeated British forces in Saratoga, New York and that was the turning point of the American Revolution.

5 Facts about the month October

1.October is Latin for " The Eighth Month "

2.The October flower is calendula.

3.More American presidents where born in the month October than any other month

4.National Pizza Month

5.National Dessert Month

Facts about the year 2002

1. It was the second year of the 21st century.

2. Autism awareness year in the United Kingdom.

3. International year of Ecotourism.

4. CSI was the most popular watched TV show.

5. 2002 was the year of the horse

3 Birthday Memories

1. On my 12th birthday my dog got attacked by our neighbor's dog. (but she lived)

2. On my 8th birthday I got tickets to go to Disney World!

3. On my 10th birthday I got to spend the whole day with my friends and it was so fun.