Water Heroes

Water scarcity kills millions of African lives

What is water scarcity?

Water scarcity is when people don't have enough water to do basic human duties ;
  • cook
  • clean
  • bathe
748 million people don't access to safe water.Water scarcity is the 2nd biggest killer of children under 5 years old.1400 children die each day due to diarrhea caused by unsafe water this equals to about 500,000 deaths annually.

What water scarcity causes

Water scarcity leads to many diseases.In fact 80% of all diseases are caused by unsafe water.Eventually this all leads to millions of deaths of innocent people . Water scarcity also leads to desertification

Who it affects

Water scarcity affects the fallowing people:

  • Elderly
  • School children
  • Adolescent girls
  • Infants
  • Disabled people

My plan

My plan is to first of all give an education to Africans , but train the few who were already receiving an education to work with the water facilities that I give them so then if it breaks they'll be able to fix it themselves

How I plan to accomplish it

I will first pay money to the government to give education to the Africans and then raise money for the water facilities and then the Africans can take care of themselves .