He's With Me....For Now or For Real

Written by: Tammara Summers

The Plot

In this story Lexie wants to be with the guy she loves. As you know love isn't that easy Jake has to get away from Brittany who can ruin Jakes reputation if they break up. So Lexie will pretend to date him so Brittany can't date him. Lexie isn't to fond of that because Jake won't see her like that then. In the end will Lexie get Jake or will Brittany.

Meet the Author

Tamara Summers grew up overseas and now lives in Boston with her husband, their impending baby, and their perfect little dog. Her favorite things include funny love stories (like To Say Nothing of the Dog or How I Met Your Mother) and anything to do with vampires (especially the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Tamara is the author of romantic beach reads for teens, including He's with Me and the bridesmaid-themed Save the Date. Her newest title is a vampire murder mystery/humorous romance entitled Never Bite a Boy on the First Date.