The Netherlands

Creation of the Netherlands - 80 Years War

From 1566 to 1648 there was a revolt of the 17 Provinces against the political and religious hegemony of Philip II of Spain. Philip II deployed his armies and regained control over most of the rebelling provinces. The northern provinces then continued their resistance and they were eventually able to drive out the Hasburg armies and they established the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.


The Flag of the Netherlands

At one time the flag was orange, white, and blue which were the colors of William of Orange who was a Dutch prince. The orange dye was unstable and turned red after exposure to sun so they changed it to red. The top red band represents bravery, strength and valor, the white stripe in the middle stands for honesty and peace and the blue band on the bottom symbolizes loyalty, justice and vigilance.

Monument of the Netherlands

1956 World War II monument in the Netherlands. On the front of the pillar is a relief titled "De Vrede" consisting of four chained male figures, representing the suffering endured during the war. On both sides of these central figures are two male sculptures representing members of the Dutch resistance, the left figure symbolizing the resistance by the intelligentsia and the right figure symbolizing the resistance by the working classes. Weeping dogs are at their feet, representing suffering and loyalty. Above the central relief is a sculpture of a woman with a child in her arms and doves flying around her, representing victory, peace, and new life. A relief of the back side of the pillar shows doves ascending into the sky, symbolizing the liberation.

Person from the Netherlands

Prince William of Orange was the main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs that set off the 80 Years’ War and resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1648. He became Prince of Orange in 1544 and is the founder of the branch House Of Orange-Nassau and the ancestor of the monarchy of the Netherlands.


Netherlands National Anthem which is called "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe".

"Dedicate undying

Faith to this land of mine.

A prince I am, undaunted,

Of Orange, ever free,

To the king of Spain I've granted

A lifelong loyalty."

This demonstrates bravery, loyalty, and freedom.