Canada in 2060

What will Canada look like in 45 years

Canada is a quickly expanding economy that many people live in, which makes us wonder what will it be like in 45 years. What will the rate of immigration and emigration be, what will the birth and death rate be, will the baby boomers have a great impact on the community? Canada in 2060!

Canada today

Currently Canada takes in 250,000 immigrants annually,demographically Canada's population of 35.2 million is contracting as the older generations are finding it easier and more affordable to have less children so at this moment there are much more middle aged people than children and this will impact Canada in a negative way in the future.


At this moment Canada has given the first nations a tax free life but not all of them Canada is not making the biggest effort in helping them so they seem to take their matter into their own hands

What will the birth ,death immigration rate be in 45 years

In 45 years we can predict the birth rate will be very low and the death rate will exceed it by a long shot which is why i predict that most of the Canadians by then will be immigrants because of the very low amount of taxes being paid and a very high amount of dependents mostly the outcome of the baby boomers as they will mostly be in their late ages and will rely on the government for most things so we will need more middle aged people so Canada will most likely let in around 20% more immigrants to the country for a greater income.
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Future Aboriginal state

I would like to believe that in the future the Canadian government would start to treat the natives just like any other Canadian. Canada has signed 21 self-government agreements recognizing a wide range of Aboriginal jurisdictions that involve 35 Aboriginal communities across Canada. Of those, 18 are part of a comprehensive land claim agreement (modern treaty). These figures include the Yale Final Agreement which has been signed, but is not yet in effect. And i also hope that these agreement will be put in effect in these 45 years.

Where do most immigrants originate from?

For the past 5 years most immigrants are coming from places in Asia such as India, China,Philippine. these new comers tend to settle in Ontario as it has the most opportunities because of Toronto being the center of most businesses in Canada. and i don't think this will change for a while but the immigration might also start coming from the middle east slightly more because of the issues they currently have they might come to Canada as refugees, permanent residence or maybe even Canadian citizens. Currently most of Canadian citizens are skilled workers but i also think that the amount of refugees will increase because of the problems that are showing up in Ghana and the middle east or maybe even India and China.
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