The Life of Pocahontas

By: Makaela Persons


People think they know who Pocahontas was,but did you know she was a Native American princess? Even though she was a princess, she acted as if she was a normal little girl who loved to play. Pocahontas married young to an older man who's name was John Rolfe. She also had a baby boy with John Rolfe. The baby's name was Thomas Rolfe. Pocahontas accomplished more than just taking on the responsibility of being a princess.

Her childhood

Pocahontas was a playful little girl,but she did much more activities than go outside and play all day. Pocahontas was given the birth name Matoka,but only her family called her by this name, everyone else called her Pocahontas. She was born in the year 1597 and died form being ill on sea voyage coming back from England with John Rolfe in 1617. Her father had married many times and had about thirty tribes and many children. This means that Pocahontas had many siblings and a lot of other mothers. Pocahontas lived a good childhood and was and active little girl who was always doing something new,different,and fun.

Her Marriage

Pocahontas was married,but not everyone knows the whole back round story of when and who she was married to. She had met her soon to be husband,John Rolfe,when she was held hostage by him and his captin. She was held hostage by him,that way he could get his men back from Powhatan's braves. Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married in the year 1614 as well as finding out that they were going to be parents. Her marriage wasn't too long,it lasted from 1614 to 1617. It ended after she died in 1617. Pocahontas had a good and descent marriage with John Rolfe, even if it didn't last as long she wanted it to.

Having Thomas

Pocahontas was many things a princess,a daughter, a wife,but she was also a mother. Pocahontas was young when she had her baby boy, Thomas Rolfe. She was only 20 years old. Her little boy was born on his father's tobacco plantation in 1615. In 1617 Pocahontas, John, and Thomas took a trip to London. On the way back she had did from being ill. Thomas was only 2 years old when his mother had passed away. After that his father had taken him to live with his aunt and uncle. Pocahontas had a very nice life and motherhood, but it's okay if none of it had lasted as long as she or anyone else would have wanted it to.


Pocahontas was way more than just a Native American princess. Pocahontas was a playful and fun little girl who then transformed into a loving wife and mother. She was married to John Rolfe. She also gave birth to Thomas Rolfe. Even though she didn't live as long as she should have,she is still a very important part of our history.

About the Author

The name of the author is Makaela Persons. She does more than write non fiction posters. She loves to dance, sing, create different pictures on her art easel,loves being with friends and is constantly coloring and drawing. She is constantly trying to make her hair and nails absolutely perfect, loves going shopping and loves all of her clothes, shoes, and hair bows:) her favorite animal in the whole wide world is owls and wishes that she could own one of her own owls and name it fluff ball:)


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