By Anthony orduna

scarssed text and ultamet reality

scarsed text pail canon numerus myhaya satura

ultamate reality nothing is permanet

The Founder Of Buddhism

The founder of the buddhism is budda(siddhatra gutama)

the spiritual leaders

the budda have a spiritual leder called the monk

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major holidays

divaly is known as the festival of ligt becaus it has alot of ligth in it. this holiday is

celybrated for 5 days they also celabrate buddas birth day

the wheel symbol

this represents the teachings of the budda

its a reealy iimportant symbol

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when it was founded and how large is it

buddism was foundeed in 520 bce . it is also the fourth largest religon


pourpose of life: their purpose is to get out the cycle of rebirth

how we live : the noble eigthfold path rigt belifes, rigth aspiration, rigth livelyhood, rigth conduct, rigth effort rigth speech rigth mindfullness, and rigth meditational attainment

human nature: their is no self or soul

budda's tooth

they have a special celebration of the tooth and they keep in a glass casse
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Introduction to Mudras: Hand Gestures of the Buddha