Chicano Movement

Tanya Da Silva, Intro to Law and Justice - 6th

What was it?

The Chicano movement began in the 1960's and was a civil rights movement for Mexican American empowerment.
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What did I learn?

  • Los Angeles was the most influential city during the Chicano movement due to

    the large amount

    of Mexican Americans living there.
  • The term "Chicano" is used to describe a Mexican-American.
  • John F Kennedy showed gratitude towards the Chicano movement and helped the Hispanic community.
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  • The Chicano movements began due to a series of issues for Mexican Americans. Some examples were: more rights for farm workers, better education, voting and political rights.
  • Mexican Americans began their Chicano movement through the creation of literary and visual art that showed Mexican American culture.
  • The Chicano movements influential between college students as they created student groups and protested throughout the 1960's.
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