Chocolate Fever

By Logan and Kaden

all about chocolate fever

Chocolate fever is about a boy named Henry Green.Henry loves chocolate he eats it everyday, it does no effect on him.Henry ate so much chocolate that one day at school he got little brown spots all over him.So they brought him to hospital and Henry ran away.The police officers and nurses tried to find Henry.Henry ran to a man named Mac.Mac is a truck driver.Mac and Henry got kidnapped by two men named Lefty and Louie.Lefty and Louie brought Henry and Mac to there hide out.They said unload the truck to Henry and Mac.When Mac and Henry unloaded the truck Lefty and Louie saw chocolate bars instead of fear coats. Then a lot of dogs ran in at Henry.cops came in to and Henry and Mac were saved. Then they brought Henry back home. Henry ate vanilla pills and that made him bettor . The next day Henry thought that cinnamon good would taste on everything.