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Welcome to Something Very Fishy Online. We are a collaboration of teachers, artists, and scientists working together to create elementary school lesson plans addressing ocean and climate literacy. Over 80% of parents and teachers are concerned about what is happening to our planet and think these issues should be taught in school. However, fewer than 50% of teachers teach about climate issues. That's where we come in. We use a problem-based learning approach to challenge children to solve problems related to ongoing issues of concern in our oceans and our climate. Our creative approach to blending music, story-telling, puppets, live marine animals, underwater video adventures, and online chats with scientists, make for a unique and life-changing experience for elementary classes from grades K-5. As we complete lesson plans we will share access to them via this newsletter and solicit feedback from you and your students in our community of practice forum. To sign up for this monthly newsletter, please click the orange FOLLOW button (looks like a little ghost). New newsletters will be posted every two months. With your help, we can teach our children the greatest lesson of all time, how to save our planet.

Dr. Michael Childress, Dr. Meghnaa Tallapragada, Ms. Kathy Prosser

Clemson University, Temple University, Educational Entertainment, LLC

Something Very Fishy
Something Very Fishy STEAM Exhibit

Here is an article about our Something Very Fishy STEAM Exhibit in Clemson World Magazine.

SVF Creative Inquiry Team

How do you teach children to save the planet? That is the mission of our Something Very Fishy Creative Inquiry team. Creative Inquiry is an undergraduate research program at Clemson University where students from different disciplines work together to conduct research and solve problems. Our team is focused on developing innovative lesson plans that teach ocean and climate literacy for grades K-5 and studying the impacts of these lessons on how children view themselves and their future.
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SVF Quick Lesson Videos

Which lesson video do you think would be most effective in your class?
What is happening to our oceans?
SVF - Reduce Reuse Recycle Song

SVF 360 Video - Fish schools

Can you spot these three species? How do the tomtates react when approached by a bar jack versus a white grunt?
SVF - Bar Jacks Feeding on Baitfish

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Volume 1 Issue 1 September 2020

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