Bohemian Bows and Decor!!!

Holiday Interior and exterior designer and Custom Bow maker

You're House will be the talk of the town this Holiday Season!!

With our custom decorations your house will ALWAYS be the center off attention during the holidays! We can customize your wreath, tree decorations, windows and outdoor greenery! And you will NEVER lift a finger!! All you have to do is choose your material from our library or suggest your own, decide on your theme and we will do the rest!! We have so many different packages to choose from!! They range from simply making custom bows for the windows and door to handling your whole Holiday event, from the decorations to the invitations to the food!! Bohemian Bows and Decor Is the ONLY way to have a stress free holiday full of happiness, good food and Beauty! Contact Bohemian Bows and Decor today!!

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We are currently swamped for the Thanksgiving season but can still take on a few more clients! Contact us no later than 11/16/2013 for Thanksgiving Decorating!! No later than 11/22/2013 for Thanksgiving Centerpiece, Wreaths or Bows!!!

Phone.(Please leave voice message if no answer) 410-949-4564


Bohemian Bows and Decor!!

Your one stop for all you holiday decoration and event needs!!