Cyber Bullying Awareness

How to be Safe on the Interent

Cyber Bullying Statistics

~88% of teens say they have seen cruel behavior on the Internet

~12% of teens have seen this kind of behavior frequently

~If you spend over three hours on a social media site everyday you are 110% more likely to be cyber bullied.

~55% say they see people just ignoring what is going on.

~38% of girls online say they were bullied.

~26% of boys online say they were bullied.

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Kids who are cyber bullied are more likely to:

~Use alcohol and drugs

~Skip school

~ Experience in person bullying

~Be unwilling to attend school

~Receive poor grades

~Have lower self esteem

~Have more health problems

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What you can do to help stop cyber bullying:

~Tell an adult when you see something going on

~Be there for the person being bullied

~Stand up to the bully

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