Parent Message: January


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Principal's Message

Greetings Mountain View Community,

Happy New Year to all.

There is a lot of discussion about how to approach coming back to school. BSD is planning to return to school with very limited students and staff as soon as the revised county COVID cases reaches the Govenor's new metrics. When we can return to school, we will be ready, and we will keep you informed.

Next month students will begin to forecast for their courses for next school year. Counselors and teachers will work together with students to ensure their online course requests for 2021-2022 school year are accurate.

Our Equity team and Principal's advisory teams continue to meet and work to hone in on ways to make changes to our school and our practices. Please email me if you would like to join.

We have had two all school assemblies, which are amazingly fun! Our students are participating in the Spirit Week dress up days and it has created a fun way to connect within our community.

We have just launched digital PRIDE tickets! These can be exchanged for "merch" in the student store. Staff has been working to put all the selections online and beef up our supply for students to buy. PRIDE tickets are awarded for Personal responsibility, Respect, Integrity, and Embracing community. Ask your student to show you how they see and spend their PRIDE tickets.

Stay well.

Honored to Serve This Community,

Wendy Rider

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