Don't Jump to Conclusions!

Our Thrill Ride is the Safest in Town!

Driving Question

How can you create a commercial promoting your new company as having the safest thrill ride around?

Things to consider when developing your commercial:

Company Name

Name of ride


Safety Journal proving safety

Requirements for your Safety Journal

· Determine the domain and range of your data and interpret the meaning in relationship to your thrill ride and its safety.

· Write an equation for the line of best fit for your set of data. Write the equation in 3 forms, slope-intercept, standard, and point-slope form. Use the line of best fit to make predictions about the safest height of your ride and length of bungee cord.

· Label the slope of a line from a table of values, a graph, two points on the line, and a written equation.

· Calculate the rate of change of a linear function represented tabularly, graphically, or algebraically in context of mathematical and real-world problems.

· Graph linear functions on the coordinate plane and label x-intercept, y-intercept, zeros, and slope. Choose two features to explain in context of the real-world problem.

· Create a scatterplot from the experiment, estimate the solution, and make predictions for the real-world problem using a reasonable line of best fit.

Project will be due on October 27.