Push and Pull Factors

Erin Dempsey

Religious Persecution

A. Syria

B. People, Christians specifically are moving out of Syria and into nearby countries and the US because they are being religiously persecuted. Many Christians are being killed for their belief and refusal to convert to Islam, so they are fleeing to safe havens.

C. These people are migrating anywhere near them that has religious freedom, similar beliefs, or tolerance. They have been also fleeing to the US because they know that we have all of these things.

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Ethnic Persecution

A. Sudan

B. Africans in Sudan are bring ethnically persecuted and killed. They are being mistreated and are in great danger because there has been an estimated 450,000 killed.

C. They are being forced to flee into refugee camps in Chad to escape the persecution.

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Environmental Factors

A. Ireland

B. In Ireland, a disease struck their main crop, potatoes. They became inedible and would not grow. Many people starved to death and others were forced to flee to America where land was fertile and food supply was plenty.

C. The. Irish came to America because they knew that the land was good for farming, and we had an abundant food supply.

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Economic Motives

A. Mexico

B. Some Mexicans are seeking a job or better pay. They know the the US is close and offers many jobs. In order to support their family, people are moving to the US so that they can get paid more or just simply find a job in general.

C. Mexicans are moving the the United States because it it close to them and offers several jobs.

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Political Factors

A. Libya

B. People in Libya were moving out of their country because there was battles for power and issues with the government. No one liked the leader and there were many rebellions throughout the country.

C. People are fleeing to nearby Egypt and Tunisia because they have more stable governments.

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Forced Migration

A. Spain

B. Jews in Spain were forced to leave if they did not convert to Christianity. They were being persecuted and forced to leave.

C. The Jews fled into nearby countries that were tolerant of their Jewish beliefs. They fled to places like Italy and Belgium.

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