Dispelling the Myth About Astrology

The Universe and You

As Above So Below...

For many years, astrology has been relegated to entertainment by the "sun sign horoscopes" published in newspapers. But if used properly, it can be a profound tool that provides deep insight into our own unique personality as well as our friends and family members.

Here are some examples of the planetary correspondences in a person's natal chart, and how their particular placement influences our personality and preferences:

Sun - Conscious expression
Moon - Unconscious emotions and habits
Mercury - How we communicate and process information
Venus - How we attract resources and people
Mars - How we act and express our ambitions
Jupiter - How we choose to expand our horizon and express faith in a higher power
Saturn - How we express our mastery in the world and in our career
Uranus - How we look to the future and seek liberation from routine
Neptune - How we imagine, access and express Soul
Pluto - How we express power and learn to use it wisely

If you would like to understand yourself, your relationship(s) and significant events in your life a little better, you will benefit by taking this class.


Classes will be held every 2nd Saturday, beginning on January 11, from 10:30-12:00 at Heartspace Wellness Alliance, 217 Union Ave., 2nd Fl., Altoona. The suggested donation is $20 cash or check to Aurora Harmony Center or pay $195 for all 12 classes and save. Either way, your donation is tax deductible. Pre-registration is required. Please call Jennifer at 814.422.3177 or email ahcofaiwp@gmail.com.

Meet the Instructor...

Jennifer Gehl, BA, Holistic Healer and Teacher, has over 30 years experience as a self-taught astrologer. She is an accomplished "ambassador of the archetypes" and enjoys guiding others through the maze of the zodiac so that they can understand who they are, grow in self-acceptance and celebrate their uniqueness.