The Hobbit

By: Ansley Hohnstein

Where is Middle Earth?

There has been a lot of speculation as to where Middle Earth is located. I believe that Middle Earth is sort of a mirror image of Earth. It is located between night and day, between light and dark, between a room and the room next to it. If it makes any sense, Middle Earth always exists, as Earth does, but only is revealed when the "between-time" is activated. As Middle Earth is a mirror image of Earth, I could easily conclude that Middle Earth would be located in Cambodia.


Cambodia is the ideal "replacement" for Middle Earth. With historic landscapes and rocky terrain, it only fits to be Middle Earth. Cambodia's official language, Khmer, is also a very unique language, with intricate markings for letters. I believe that this vaguely resembles Tolkien's own creative language. Cambodia's culture is very different from ours. It has a very medieval feel to it, whie still being a modern type of culture by using dance as a main attraction. In some ways, I relate this to Middle Earth.

Why should you belive Cambodia is Middle Earth?

Frequently Asked Questions

"Now, why should I believe you when you say that Cambodia is Middle Earth?" That's what you're saying, right? If you compare the beautiful, unique, jaw-droppingly exquisite Cambodia next to the country we live in today to be Middle Earth, which would you choose?
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