Operations with fractions

By:Ariana Eusebio



This is how you can add a fraction.

Step one: is that you have to turn the denominators into the same denominators like

z x y = the same number and then you do the same thing to the top like y x a= a amount of number and then you add it with the z x y =gy.

Step two: is if you got an even answer you can simply it and you get a even you keep on going


This is an example of how to add fractions

Like if I have 3/4 + 6/8 you have to multiply 4 x 2 to get 8 an then you do the same thing to the top 3x2 to get 6 and the you add 6/8 +6/8 witch is

This is an example how to subtract fractions for example I have to subtract 2/6-8/4 =