Saving and Spending

Do I really need this?

Successful saving tips

Split up your money
  1. Spend - Money to buy what you want now
  2. Save - Money to buy what you want LATER
  3. Invest - Money to use YEARS from now
  4. Give - Money for gifts for others
  1. Decide what you want to get
  2. Calculate how long it will take to get that amount
  3. Set aside an amount of money to save for this item each month
Save first
  1. Once you get your allowance divide it up
  2. When you spend money once, it's gone
  3. Think before you spend
Track your money
  1. Write down where you spend your money
  2. Also write down how much you've saved
  3. Review and think about where you spent and where you can cut back
Smart Spending

  1. Don't buy the most expensive thing
  2. Don't buy poor quality
  3. Where can you find the best buy for your money?
  4. Look for sales

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Why save?

you may see something in the shop one day and really want it, but then you dig into your pocket and find that you have no money for it! If you save your money you can buy that thing and have more to buy another thing.

Look at what others are doing

Brett Ellen The Kids Finance Coach Smart Spending
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