K-2 Team Newsletter

September 30, 2019

Principal's Message

Well we made it through last week! I hope everyone took some time to get some much needed rest and medicine if needed! Thank you to everyone who taught without a sub, helped to cover an extra duty, or covered a class while we had staff out sick. The core value of Teamwork was very evident and we are so appreciative to have a staff that steps up whenever and wherever needed! This week we will focus on the core value of Grit as we prepare to finish up STEP Testing and prepare for Data Day this Friday! We are soooo close to Fall Break, it's just one more week...we can do it!

“Wishing that each day brings your renewed strength, brighter times, and a healthier, happier you.” ~Jahanzab Waheed

Upcoming Events

STEP Testing

Sept. 30th - Oct. 1st

Refer Norming Email Sent

Grades Close

Oct. 2nd

EOQ Community Celebration

Oct. 3rd - Upstairs Cafeteria

8:45-9:15 am (be on time)

Core Value Focus: GRIT & ACADEMICS

Community Celebration Info Link <-- Please read & have your chants ready :)

Friday Data Day

Oct. 4th - Agenda Below

LINK: Data Day Agenda 10/4


Oct. 7th -11th

Oct. 13th

Teacher TDR Self Scores Due

Oct. 16th

Custodian Appreciation Day

K-2 is decorating the custodian closets

Oct. 18th

Required Report Cards Conferences

Oct. 21st-25th

Book Fair

Oct. 24th

Fall Festival

Operations Important Information


Quick reminder to input your TVAAS selection!

Here is the Google Form teachers must fill out before fall break.

Selections are due this Friday, October 4th. - Only K-2 Lead Teachers, SPED, and ELL teachers need to complete this from our grade band.

Here is the rubric clarifications document if teachers need a reminder or another reference point.

iPad Updates

Computer Pros will be updating all iPads. Please drop them off to Mr. Welch after dismissal on Oct 3rd so that they can be fixed and returned to us after Fall Break. Be on the look out for additional details from Mr. Welch.

School Wide Focus

Weekly Data Meetings - WDM (new)

As we continue to prioritize our academic foci K-8 one thing is clear.....we need a process to regularly look at scholar data and work samples similar to the work we began last year. After Fall Break we will be starting grade level weekly data meetings. Yea!! After looking at all schedules it seems the best date is on Tuesdays during Related Arts time. This way we will avoid another afterschool meeting and can ensure both leads and ATs can be present. These WDMs will happen 2x a month...additional information will be coming soon from your academic deans.

Priority #2 - No Opt Out Academics

Remember that after Fall Break, we will begin shifting our focus towards Priority #2 - No Opt Out Academics. If you haven't already done so, please take some time to familiarize yourself with this priority.

The Priority Walk-through for this week has been cancelled. Walk-throughs will resume after Fall Break!

Deans of Academics

Due by Wednesday EOD:

  • Progress monitor (NOT benchmark), your Tier 2 and 3 scholars on Aimsweb. Make sure to change the selection on the drop down menu from “benchmark comparison”, to “monitor”. You will then find the scholar you are progress monitoring and click assess.

  • All grades (including interims) need to be entered into Illuminate

Data Day:

  • Remember to print off the following from Illuminate: Assessment Matrix Report and Response Frequency
    To do this: (Click on the assessment --->reports--->Where do I start? For teachers--->Matrix Report/Response Frequency)

  • You can find your individualized DDI Template ready to go here.

If you need help with any of the items above, please contact your coach! We are more than happy to help! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Dean of Culture

We have made it to week 9, and we are just one week away from fall break! WE ARE OFF TO AN INCREDIBLE START!!! Thanks to your hard work, your commitment to 100%, and you all not opting out in the classroom we have a ton of WINS. In Quarter one the number of referrals dropped from an average of 19 per week to ONLY 7 (down by 63%). At the beginning of the school year we set a goal of 45,000 glows by the end of the school year, that is 11, 250 glows a quarter, and 3,750 glows per grade level Quarter 1. WE SURPASSED THAT GOAL TREMENDOUSLY with an overall school average ratio of 4:1 and 38,503 glows!!! Yes, that means we are only 6,497 glows away from our end of the year glow.

In terms of last week’s WIG Winner Tie Breaker Challenge BETWEEN 1ST GRADE AND 2ND GRADE!!! Each grade was tasks with having the most glows for “Peer Leadership/Respect” (our focus glow for last week) by Wednesday, September 25th would be the WINNER!!! Well, the results are in: FIRST GRADE WON! Congrats to you all.

Big picture

This week’s WIG WINNER IS...

Big picture


Big picture

Dean of SEL

We will be focusing on safe and unsafe body touches and movement during the upcoming weeks. While my plan was to use this lesson specifically in kindergarten, I will be teaching it in all grades, as the need has been proven. The curriculum that I use to teach about appropriate body touch and talk is called Safer, Smarter Kids. There is a link to the website here. Check it out if you have time!

LIM: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. Ask friends how they are feeling. Look at people’s faces and body language to connect with them. Listen, and wait for your turn to talk.

TDR - Teacher Self Score

As part of the TN Evaluation Process teachers must complete a self-assessment of their current teaching utilizing the EEP TDR (Teacher Development Rubric). You must complete your self-assessment and email it to your coach on Sunday, October 13th so they can prepare for one-on-one conversations that week.

During coaching one-on-ones the week of Oct 14-18, teachers and coaches will review the self-assessment to calibrate the teacher's view and what the coach has seen thus far in Quarter 1. At the end of the meeting, focus areas for Quarter 2 will be identified which is so exciting!

You can find empty TDR documents here well as additional evaluation docs for the 19-20 school year. The steps are below:

  1. Click on the TDR document
  2. Make a copy and save as (i.e. Perrault_SelfAssess_PhaseIntro)
  3. Open the new document and scroll down to your placement based off the provided TDR slip
  4. Highlight yellow each row with your selected choice
  5. Share it with your coach and Dr. Perrault

Staff Absences

Oct. 3rd -4th

Tiffany Johnson (2nd)

Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary School Principal