Greek Cultural Contributions

Dylan Wobler


Greek architecture is known for it's columns .There are three types of columns: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Other types of Greek art include pottery, sculptures and paintings.Every city- state had a temple that was dedicated to a specific god. They went there to to worship and make sacrifices. Some leaders like Pericles and Alexander the Great spread the Greek architecture throughout Europe.

We see Greek influence in architecture today in important buildings. The White House,Capitol Building, State Building, Supreme Court, and the Lincoln Memorial all have columns that show Greek influence


They had Direct Democracy that was ruled by the people. Alexander expected people to vote. Every year 50 council men were voted. They would pull names from a hat. Slavery was very common in Ancient Greece. Wars that occurred in Ancient Greece were The First Persian War. The Other war is The Peloponesian War.

You half to be 18 to vote. We have term limits for the President is 3 terms To 2 terms. (4 years)


Only free males could play. Only unmarried could watch. Water polo, and weight lifting were some of the sports. Unmarried women could watch but not participate. Unmarried men could play but could not watch. They honor there gods.They like there people.

Olympics we have of the same sports. Some sports that we have in common are;Boxing, wrestling, and e.t.c.


To explain the unexplainable. Odysseus and Achilles are heroes for Ancient Greece. Athena - goddess of war.Apollo- god of the sun.HomerAesop are wrote mythology. They had ceremonies and believe in to after life.

Still study myths today like Hercules, Percy Jackson.


Plato, Archimedes made PIE which is 3.14. We use pie to find Circumference. They liked poetics. They.They were interested in plants. It depends on how popular they were.

We still see Hippocratic Oath today in the modern world.