A.N.D. Moutain Packaging Applicants

By:Andrew M, Nevaeh J, Deep A


Problem: The client asked us to maximize the volume and minimize the amount of materials needed to make it.


- We have considered a scientific approach to the problem.

- We have taken taken 5 different shapes to consideration.

1: Rectangular prism

2: Square prism

3: Cube



<O> Our first step was to find the volume & Surface Area of the original design.

<O> After analyzing the shapes we identified that the sphere was the best choice of all the 5 shapes and has cut down 1/2 of the rectangular prism.

<O> Upon the data we discovered have determined that the sphere was the most authentic Shape.

We were able to design the package within 3276of the target. We were so close almost exact.

We have exceeded the clients requests and brought a new and innovative design to the market for use of "Mountain Packing Company". Now where do we sign?

Old to New

Old Volume: 3,276cm*3

Surface Area: 1,662cm

New Volume: 3,276cm*3

Surface Area: 1,066cm

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