Northern Prairie Skink

Why my animal is better than yours By: Colton Golwitzer

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Is it just me or is Iowa’s animal diversity bland and boring. Well we need to work on bring more animals to Iowa. The best way to do that is study missing animals.

Loss of habita

Why We Need Them

Out of all the other animals the Northern Prairie Skink needs the most attention. It is a lizard like species. It would be nice to see some around Iowa. It would be a good tourist attraction. Iowa is not known for lizards so it would add quite a bit of diversity to the area.

Why It’s Endangered

The reasons for this animals endangerment is its need for mixed grass along with sand soil. Most of there habitat in south-western Manitoba has been lost to encroachment, agricultural conversion and invasion of prairie by woody vegetation and weeds.

How We Can Help Them

First would be habitat. We need to start planting prairie grass in sandy areas. These preserves should be away from cities and protected. If they start off fine then we need to let them be but we should observe. If there is a drop in population we should hunt and trap its predator and if there is an exponential growth we should introduce more predators to the areas.