Steve Wozniak (aka. Woz)

Co-Founder of Apple and created the Apple I and the Apple II

Steve's Childhood

Steve was born in San Jose, California on August 11, 1950. As a kid Steve grew up loving technology and was fascinated about it. He met Steve Jobs at the University of California in Berkeley and later coming up with a billion dollar company.

Shaping Apple

While working in a garage, Steve and Woz managed to make user-friendly computers. After creating the Apple Industry, Steve created the Apple I computer in 1976 and made the Apple II in 1977. As years past, Steve retired in 1985 leaving the company on Steve Jobs.

Steve Wozniak Now

Steve is 64 years old and lives with his wife, Janet Hill, in California. He is retired and doesn't have any kids but he put his time in to organizations like the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.

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