The Cask of Amontillado

By Alex H, Erin J, Connor W.


Fortunato was drunk and was easy to be fooled so he fell for montresor trap also montresor built trust with fortunato so he belived that the amotilaldo was real so he followed motresor. He also made Fortunato come by wanting luchasi to come over Fortunato who he showed no respect for lucheri, and montresor traped down their for 50 years so he probaly starved to death.


Irony is a literary devise poe uses to build contradictions by letting the reader know whats going on but not the characters in the story Fortunato are in the catacombs. Fortunato says, " he will die of a cough". It is ironic because montresor plans to kill Fortunato


foreshadowing is a literary device poe uses to create suspense in his stories and poems.foreshadowing is when a character says or does something that foretells the future. the author shows foreshadowing by writing," It is this, " i answered producing a trowel from beneath the folds of my roquelaire." This shows foreshadowing because at the end of the story montresor uses the trowel to bury fortunado alive i the catacombs.