Sal's Story

Chapter 15:The Snake has a Snack

The River

Grandpa and Grandma pulled over and stopped by the Mississippi river where they took off their sandals and soaked there feet it the water. I sat by them but I didn't put my feet in the water I just looked up at the clouds. I quickly looked over at them because was I'm soaked with cold water because Grandpa and Grandma are splashing water all over the place. I told them what are you doing then HE comes.

Who is He and what is that snake doing here

Then He showed up and said,"This is private property you have to get off or I will arrest you"Grandpa replied,"How is this private property you don't own the whole river."What your sitting on is my property the rest is no ones"While Grandma wasn't looking I saw something moving in the water I though it was a little fish and she said,"OW". I looked at her leg and a snake bite was right there and I yelled are you OK. She looked at me and said,I think the snake took a snack out of my leg it might be poisonous?"The guy ran over and started sucking on her leg than spitting he said that he was getting the poison out of her leg.Grandpa said thanks and Grandma just shrugged.


Done by Salmanca

Done by Jeffrey Malcolm

RAFT Assignment for 2nd Period King