Agricultural Update

In Ancient Mesopotamia

Learning how to grow crops

The people said it is really hard to grow crops because you have to till the yard the dig holes then after that you have to put the seed and cover up the hole and make sure they get water.

Trouble with crops

Trouble with crops

The trouble with crops is When it rains to much and floods everywhere and it might hit the crops then it could wipe out all the crops. If all their crops wipe out then they have no wheat, and Barley.Another thing they have trouble with crops are watering their crops. So that is why they have a lot of crops by the two rivers.But sometimes those rivers flood and the wipe out all the crops near the rivers.

How they toke care of crops

You have to be careful with the crops.They need water but sometimes they don´t get enough water so they dug tunnels from the two rivers and connected those tunnels to the crops. But sometimes it will rain for a long time and the cities will flood but those ditches will take all the water and store it in the ditches and help the crops and the city.
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