BCE Dual Language

Ser Bilingue es un Superpoder

Our Unit Theme: Family and Community

This first quarter of school, our unit’s theme is family. Each grade level has “essential questions” that guide our overall thinking for the unit. Check out the unit essential questions below; we urge you to use some of the vocabulary with your kiddos at home! As you read through them, you can notice that they progress vertically throughout the grades.

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It's National Hispanic Heritage Month!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15. And while it is important for us to respect and uplift the identities of all of students year-round, we also appreciate heritage months that offer a special opportunity to celebrate—and center—marginalized identities. We are excited to honor this special heritage month with informative videos, discussions, and read alouds with your child! For more information, please visit this link: https://www.hispanicheritagemonth.gov/

We will be doing student interviews for our morning school-wide "Bear Creek TV" to highlight Latinx pride! More info to come!

Portraits of Hispanic Americans

Click on the link below to navigate an interactive page highlighting famous Hispanic Americans with your child! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K_QvdQxwcZ_lgDq-oreYUKQibvNicWT5/view

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Parent Info Session - Coming Soon!

We will be hosting a parent information session soon to discuss the specifics of the BCE Dual Language Program. More info to come soon!