Causes of the American Revolution

1763-1776 Shelby Weprin

Navigation Acts

The purpose of the Navigation Acts was an effort to put the thoery of mercantilism into actual practice. Trade with the colonies was to be conducted with only English or Coloinal ships. Some items were to be traded only within the empire.

The Proclamation of 1763

The proclamation was created after the French and Indian war and it was created as an effort to aviod conflict with the American Indians by King George III.

The Stamp Act

The stamp act was created to raise funds to prtect the colonies and pay debt of the french and Indian war. Samual Adams and The Committees of Correspondence contacted other colonies and protested. They wrote a repeal and sent it to the king, he had no choise but to repeal the stamp act.

Quartering Act

The Quartering Act required colonists to house soldiers which was a response to the protests from the stamp acts. Britain sent more troops to keep order in the colonies. The colonists didn't like this because it was costly to house soldiers.

Townshend Acts

The Townshend Acts made colonists pay taxes on imported tea, glass, paper and other items to pay for rosing military costs due to the Quartering Act. Instead of buying British clothes the Daughters of Liberty made their own. In 1770 the ling repealed the Townshend acts but the tax on tea still remained.

Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770 an angry colonist started arguing with some soldiers and then angry colonists started to gather around the angry colonist and soldiers. They shouted and threw snowballs at the soldiers and when they got more soldiers shots fired. John Adams represented the soldiers in the trial.

Boston Tea Party

The tea act is when Britain only allowed BEIC to sell tea to the colonies. Even thought the tea cost less the colonists were unhappy because they didn't want to pay import taxes. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians, illegally boarded the ships and dumped 342 crates of British tea into the Boston harbor.

Intolerable Acts

The intolerable acts were created to punish Boston for the Boston tea party. Some of the laws were no trading between Boston and Britain, Boston port closed and no town meetings. In respond to the acts goods were brought in from other colonies.