Weekly Ops Update



“Bears” OLS release: Scheduled for Saturday 1/30 @ 03:00 AM to 6:00 AM EST to correct defects:

2 fixes for Mastery Alerts:
Do not Display AMA for dropped courses or expired courses

2 fixes for Class Connect Attendance Report (CCAR):
Display the student's school for absent students

404 Error or Uh Oh Error in the OLS: Customer Support received an influx of calls recently related to users receiving either a 404 error or an Uh Oh error.
Teams worked over the weekend to resolve this. If you should receive any further reports please notify Donna Weber to open a Service Now ticket.

Novel Choice Issue: We’ve had a few reports where a student’s Literature course will not load. This is due to a student selecting a novel and then switching. Both novels are getting selected instead of replacing one. Systems is researching for the root cause but is putting in a nightly script to help resolve this issue until perm. fix is in place. Please notify Donna Weber to open a Service Now if you receive any reports and we can get those corrected for you.

Known Browser Issue Continues:
•Several reports in the past two weeks where users login and see no alerts, class connects, or student data looks incorrect.
•This is most often a browser specific issue.
•Please have users clear cache/cookies, close the browser, and try logging in again.
•If the issue still occurs please notify Donna Weber to open a Service Now ticket with a video showing the user logging out, clearing cache, closing the browser, logging back in, and show the browser and browser version.

OLS Accessibility Enhancements:
Currently on hold due to system environment issues.


D2L Detail Report
This report is refreshing on its normal schedule in the evenings.
There was an issue of the Content Progress and Final Adjusted Grade columns not rounding to 2 decimal places, but that has been resolved and all columns are rounding as they should.

Registration Questions Report
The Registration Questions Report is now populating for all schools. It includes SY 15-16 data and will include SY 16-17 data after schools start enrollment for the next year. For some schools, this report will be very large as new student data continues to be added.

Student Details Report: in Custom Reporting
As previously stated: The Student Detail Report continues to not populate for all users. It will fail when large amounts of data is included in the report parameters. Using the “By Teacher” filter will make the report small enough to generate and use. We understand this is not ideal to see whole school data in many cases and the technical teams are working with D2L to eliminate this data limit.
This same data for the entire school can be found on the D2L Detail Report that can be found using this url:

Withdraw Report
•A new Master SID column was added to the end of this report in column BP.
•This column reports when a student account is flagged as the Master Record.
•This column will be blank if there is no Master SID associated with the student, but will say MASTER if the account is flagged as the Master Record.
•If a student only has one SID associated with them and that SID is not labeled as the Master Record, this column will be blank.
•This column will also be blank for student accounts that are marked as duplicate.

Student Course Report
•2 new columns will be added to the end of the Student Course Report .
•Column AC will show the Course Offering ID
•Column AD will show the Course Offering Name
•This data is pulled from the Classrooms Tab in TVS and will populate for OHS courses.
•These columns are tentatively scheduled to be added next Tuesday, 2/2, and will show on your Student Course Report on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

Omnibus Report
•A new Master SID column will be added to the end of the Omnibus Report in column CW.
•The logic for this column is the same as for the Withdraw Report.
•Also, a new DOP column will be added in column CX.
•This data pulls from the DOP field on the Overview tab in a student’s account in TVS.
•These columns are tentatively scheduled to be added next Tuesday,