Kindergarten News

Mrs. Ross' Class

Week 15 December 7-11

Reading: We are working on reading with fluency and noticing punctuation as we read. We are continuing to use our reading strategies as we read. Don't forget to practice these at home when reading the take home reader: Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake, Lips The Fish, Chunky Monkey, Skippy Frog, Tryin' Lion.

Writing: We are making our writing the best it can be by checking for capital letters, finger spaces, and punctuation. We are revising and adding feelings to our writing.

Math: We are finishing up graphing and will be moving into numbers 11-20. We will be practicing counting backwards from 20 and reviewing one more and one less from any given number. We will be looking at ways to make the number in different arrangements. We are also learning that these numbers are one group of ten and ones.

Word Work: We are reviewing rhyming and blending sounds.

PBIS: We are acknowledging our front office staff, custodians, and cafeteria workers throughout the month of December. Our weekly social skill is "asking for what you want."

Sight Words: Review all kinder sight words.

Don't Forget!

*PJ Day: December 17th

*Holiday Party: December 18th 2:15-2:45 *No lunch visitors please!

*Math Journals: I am excited to start interactive math journals after the Holiday break. Please send in a composition notebook (wide ruled) as soon as possible.