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Play EuroMillions- Be the Next Jackpot Winner

WHY PLAY EuroMillions

  • Multiple Millionaire Maker results for draw!
  • Guaranteed $1 Million Prize Draw
  • Tier 1 Prize: €15,000,000 - €190,000,000
  • Number of Tiers: 13
  • Record payout €190,000,000
  • Top Tier win odds: 1 in 116,531,800
  • EuroMillions Draw is held on Tuesday and Friday at 19:30 GMT+1

Tired of waiting for the weekly draws to play traditional lottery games? Wait no more. Maximize your Tuesday & Friday excitement with EuroMillions, the nationwide lottery with weekly jackpots that start at €15,000,000 (15 million Euros). EuromMillions Lottery is entertaining and easy to play! Play now and go for the big jackpot with the EuroMillions Lottery.

EuroMillions is a game of lottery that is today played all over the world. EuroMillions is still significantly larger and nine countries participate this game, with its maximum price upto €190,000,000- (190 million Euros). The EuroMillions has 13 Tiers out of which 9 tiers utilizing one or both Lucky Stars.

If there are no jackpot winners after two more consecutive draws, prize money rolls down to fatten up the next tier. You can get your EuroMillions ticket right here at SmartWinners, and who knows, you might be the next millionaire. Be The Next Jackpot Winner by playing EuroMillions Now!!! So are you ready with your 7 numbers?

EuroMillion Draw

1. In each draw, pick 5 EuroMillions primary lottery numbers from 1 through 50 pool

2. Along with primary numbers, select 2 secondary numbers (Lucky Stars) from a separate 1 to 11 pool.

3. If all your numbers match those that are chosen, you win the jackpot. Always use our Smart Play option to better your chances to win.