By: Caressa Heit


In July 1976 the first Apple computer was demonstrated by Steve Jobs

at Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California. Steve Woznick also helped, when he was 21 years old he dropped out of college and built his first computer. Jobs was 16 and tinkering with technology for class projects in high school. Both Steve's soon started working together. Jobs suggested that they find a way their computers available to the public. It took a few tries but they were able to do it.

First Products

The first Apple computers filled the entire room and ran on old-fashioned vacuum tubes. They were also very noisy. The first thing to change was the size, the computers got much smaller and computers ran on transistors instead of vacuum tubes. Now we have apple laptops, ipods, ipads, iphones, and more they are now smaller,thinner, and the screens are wider.

Why Apple was Created

They started this company because it was a step for mankind it was the future and they wanted to be part of that. This changes society because people that use apple products are usually on it a lot. Apple donates to charities, they send lots of money to charities that help with health care.

Without apple we would probably be outside doing more activities more often. People probably wouldn’t get as judged-cyber bullying.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a big part of the company he help build the first computer. Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco California on February 24 1955 to two university of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption. They signed him over to Paul and Clara Jobs.

Popular Apple Products

Some popular products Apple has are ipod, ipad, iphone,apple computer, etc. these products are popular because people think they are cool and they want to try it. Also because you can keep in contact with people around the world if they live far or if you're in a dangerous situation and you need help. Apple does change a lot in the world but it helps in everyday life.

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