Bronco Chronicles

Volume 29, Week(s) 5/8 - 5/25

Lead Learner's Message

Goooooood afternoon #BroncoStrong faculty and staff. It is hard to believe we are about to begin our the last week of school! It has been a great year, but I know you are all looking forward to a little deserve it. Please make sure you read through this volume and let me know if you have any questions. I will send an invite to summer school teachers for an afternoon meeting on Thursday when kids are let out. It shouldn't take longer than 30-45 minutes. Thanks to all faculty and staff for every thing you do!

Now, get out there and ignite your shine, have fun, and make the last week of school count!

#BroncoStrong #BroncoNation #KeepBuildingRelationships

Upcoming Events

1. May 22nd - Scoliosis Screening for 8th Graders (they will be pulled from their Social Studies class).

2. May 22nd - Beginner Band Horn Drive.

3. May 24th - BISD Retirement Reception from 3-5pm at the Poplar.

4. May 25th - Last day of School (we will be on an early release bell schedule).

5. May 25th - 8th grade VB tournament - 6 teams will work to secure a spot in the championship against BJHS Faculty & Staff.

6. May 26th - BHS Graduation at 7pm in the "new gym".

Please Remember

1. Go by and sign EOY ESL accommodation forms by 4pm on 5/22 - SEE MRS. JONES


3. Please make sure you attend two PD days during the summer to qualify for comp days next year. Make sure you turn the certificates in to Sally. (There will be in-district opportunities for PD, see the email from Mrs. Johnson.)

More Shout Outs for being PURE AWESOME SAUCE

1. GREAT JOB CHANDLER for working so hard in English and bringing your grade up!

2. Great job MR. B for being proactive and taking care of his STAAR training before surgery and then staying tough after knee surgery by coming in the next day to keep reviewing kids for the STAAR exam.

3. Great job Angel G. and Shaden B. for being greeters at our awards assembly.

2016-2017 BJHS Awards Ceremony

Educators always need to "KNOW YOUR WHY"

"When you know your why, your what has more impact because you are walking in or toward your purpose in life."

This is only 3.5 minutes long, but it is very powerful and worth watching!

Michael Jr: Know Your Why