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Maire Newsletter October 29th edition

Dear Maire Families,

I want to thank everyone for their extreme generosity during our Fun Run. We raised more per student than we have ever raised before! Not only does our PTO provide assemblies, field trips, enrichment, and support for our teachers, but they also tackle improvements around the school. Over the past few years we’ve updated many spaces including: our library furniture with fold-nest whiteboard tables and chairs on wheels, our gym with new mats on the walls and stage, a literacy room for leveled books, dry erase instruction tables in every classroom, and new recess equipment. Each year we continue to look for more ways to enhance the school and we appreciate your support in making Maire the best school in the world.

Next week we will have no school on Tuesday, November 2nd due to Election Day. While a day off can be a burden on families, it is for safety reasons and it is always an opportunity for our staff to have professional development. We hope you enjoy the day home with your child(ren).


Ryan Francis

proud Principal of Maire

Important Maire dates to remember

11/2 NO SCHOOL for students (Election Day)

11/7 District-Wide OPEN HOUSE 12-2pm

11/10 Maire PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

11/11 Lifetouch Photo Retake Day

11/24-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

11/29 School resumes 9:05 a.m.

Trick or Trash !

Do you have Halloween candy wrappers at home? We will be participating in a program called Trick or Trash, a candy wrapper recycling program designed to help reduce the waste that accumulates every year around Halloween.

In the United States alone, more than 600 million pounds of candy are purchased each year for Halloween. The vast majority of candy wrappers end up in landfills due to an inability by most curbside recycling programs to recycle them."

The program consists of a simple cardboard collection box where students can deposit candy wrappers they've collected at home or at school lunch!

Please send wrappers in with your students, and there will be a collection box in the secure vestibule.

Lost and Found News

All lost and found items will be donated at Thanksgiving break. Please make sure you have your student check the tables in the hallway and the lockers, so that you can retrieve your items before they are donated.

Leader in Me- Begin With The End of Mind

This month we focus on the habit: Begin with the End in Mind. In order to be successful in reaching our goals, we need to develop those goals and work backwards to find ways to make them happen. Without a clear end goal we are not able to shape the work we want to do along the way. Students are learning to find ways in their life to set goals (inside and outside of school)

Character Trait: Gratitude

November and Thanksgiving are the perfect time to focus on Gratitude. We are extremely fortunate here at Maire...we have great families, great teachers, and great students. Finding ways to show our gratitude (notes, phone calls, small gifts, etc.) helps, but realizing how lucky we are and appreciating things in the moment is a focus this month. Gratitude Newsletter
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With cooler temperatures just on the horizon, we anticipate an increase in traffic in our lot. Today's rain was another example of increased traffic. We want to take just a few minutes to remind everyone of the parking lot rules and procedures so that we can have a safe and orderly morning. For those that are visual learners, this video highlights almost all of the information below.

1. Right turn ONLY into and out of the parking lot during pick up/drop off. Accidents happen even with the best of intentions. Please do not zoom straight across either. Right turn only.

2. Cross at the crosswalk when picking up or dropping off your children. The crosswalk is located near the office with yellow lines on the ground.

3. Kids exit on the passenger side only and parents never exit the car. Students need to be able to get themselves out completely independently. If this is not possible, we encourage you to park instead of using the lane.

4. No drop offs outside of the green line. Keep moving as far down the green line as you can before stopping.

5. Continue to pull forward as much as possible, even around the curve, so more cars can use the lane. Our students are resilient and will be okay to walk the extra distance.

6. Be kind...everyone has an off day when their kid forgets how to use the seatbelt or drops their lunch or something out of the ordinary. No worries. Thanks for your patience in line when these things happen.

7. We always have late arrivals so we ask that parents not stand out in front of the drop off lane to wave bye to their kids. Many students are still arriving and trying to safely get out of their cars. It will get congested quickly and we want a safe drop off for everyone.

8. Our small lot off the alley is for ASD families and buses only and students/families should not be walking around in that lot. We ask that you use the safe routes walkways and sidewalks close to the building and not walk through the lot as cars and buses back up with limited space and limited sight.

9. Lastly, please do not park in the spaces in the alley marked "private property" as they are not owned by Maire and the landlord of those businesses has and will continue to call the tow company. They get upset at the school and unfortunately that ends up with our office staff having to field those calls.

I know that was a lot of information to process. Many of the errors in our lot are because the parent or person dropping off just didn't know. Please do your best to make sure whoever is taking your child(ren) to school is aware of these rules so things go smoothly and safely each day. Thanks for your partnership.

Community Diversity Event Nov 10

All GPPSS parents are invited to join our Communities United in Diversity group and participate in an ongoing conversation about topics related to diversity.

The second meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. The host school will be determined soon and shared out from the district.

. Please see the GPPSS Diversity Flyer for more information and future dates of meetings.

Crossing Guards Needed

GPP Public Safety is looking for a crossing guard at the Vernor/Cadieux corner. Rate is $16/hour.

Please call 313-822-7400 if you are interested.

Lunchtime news

We are starting to see some pretty chilly temperatures during the day, so please be certain that you send your student with appropriate outerwear for being OUTSIDE for lunch and recess.

Please sign up to help if you are able to help at lunchtime.

We love to have the helping hands!

Thank you!

Lunch volunteer sign up

Welcome Ms. Russ

We would like to welcome Ms. Theresa Russ to our team at Maire as our Reading Club teacher. Ms. Russ is a retired GP teacher who has come back to help service our students needing extra support in reading.

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