The Life of Professional Ballerinas

By: Maia farmer

You create your destiny. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and taking risks create amazing opportunities. The opportunities you take in life can lead you to how you want your life to be. I think ballerinas have lots of opportunities and choices. They have many struggles which lead them to their successes. Thats what make ballerinas so great.

Misty Copeland - "WHAT BURNS IN YOUR HEART" Motivational video (Feat Steve Harvey, Steve Jobs)

My Opportunities

I had the opportunity to go in depth of my idols lives. I got to interview, research, and watch the essential statistics and core elements of becoming a ballerina, and maintaining the strength, love and drive to become a ballerina. The commitment, time, and effort, these amazing ladies will show is remarkable, and I hope by the end of this presentation you are as inspired as I am.

Jalyn Zinser

Jalyn Zinser was a corps de ballet dancer for Joffrey Ballet. She started out dancing at Tuzer ballet academy for Pat and Tanju Tuzer (who she now says scared her to death). She had many lead roles in La bayaderre, Giselle, Carmina Burana, Les Sylphides, Raymonda, and numerous amounts of showcase performances in the Nutcracker. I had a chance to interview her and I asked her several questions.

She began dancing at age 2 or even before, because her mother always told her she danced before she walked. She attended Tuzer, because she knew it was the best studio in the area, and could produce prima ballerinas. When I asked the dancer who she looked up to she said without a doubt Crystal Walls and Kimi Nikaidoh, who at the time were the major ballerinas at her studio. Though she had a wonderful time she had some bumps along the way. Many times during her training she felt like quitting, giving up because she was frustrated, or something was too hard, but she kept going. When I asked why she danced she said "It brought me joy and fulfillment." I asked the former ballerina why she stopped dancing she gave the very appropriate response " my family needed me". Jalyn loved dancing for Tuzer and Joffrey, but she said she wouldn't change a kid a husband and a great job for it. She knew , though what a great experience it was for her. I love Mrs. jalyn because she gives my life fulfillment and joy and I wouldn't change that for the world.

The Prima Ballerinas

When people think of ballerinas they think of the ones who are in the twenty-first, or the twentieth century. What about the ones who started it all? Who was Misty Copeland inspired by, what about Darcy Bussell. They were inspired by the beginning ballerinas, such as Margot Fonteyn, Anna Pavlova, Maria Tallchief, and much more.

Margot Fonteyn was born in Reigate United Kingdom on May 18, 1919. She danced for Vic Wells Ballet. She had many debut roles such as, Giselle, Aurora, Firebird, Petrushka, and and many more. She later died in 1991 Panama city, Panama on Februrary 21.

Anna Pavlova was born in 1881 St. Petersburg, Russia, on February 12. She danced for the Imperial Ballet. Her debut roles included Don Quixote, La Fille mal gardee', Giselle, The Dragonfly, Californian Poppy, and Gavotte. She died in 1931 The Hague, Netherlands on January 23.

Maria Tallchief was born in 1925 Fairfax Oklahoma on January 24. She danced for Ballet Russe' de Monte Carlo. Tallchiefs debut roles were Orpheus, Firebird, Sylvia Pas de deux, and Swan Lake. She recently died in 2013 Chicago Illinois on April 11.

Each of these dancers had a unique spark that made them remarkable and unforgettable.

Margot Fonteyn / Rudolf Nureyev: Giselle (PAS DE DEUX FROM ACT II)
Anna Pavlova - The Dying Swan
Maria Tallchief in George Balanchine's Firebird


Moreover, these amazing ladies inspire me because they each have a remarkable story to tell, each one different from the other, but they found what they loved stuck with it, and danced their lives away and continue to dance.
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