Men and Women In The Gold Mine

by: Shane

Men, and Women in the gold mine.

Many men, and women were left to work at the gold mines. Some had to work on farms, ranching, lumbering etc. Instead of gold mines.


There were many tools used in the gold mine like Pans, pickaxes, shovels etc.
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Above is a gold mine like men, and women were forced to work on.


Also other then mining people had to pan for gold. with a pan, and sift through water to look for gold. below is a man panning for gold.
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dredging gold eastern gold rush

Facts about gold rush

Gold was discovered on Jan, 24, 1848 it was valued from $12.00 to $35.00 an ounce. There are over 5 types of mining during this time.


During this hard labor there was not nearly enough food for everyone. Sometimes it was efficient though they usually eat food like bread, beans.