Juvenile Crime


My Topic

The Topic that I chose is Juvenile Crime because there was a lot of information and resources that pertain to that topic. Also, I enjoy arguing on topics that I know I will be successful in. I enjoyed researching and writing about my topic very much and will miss not having to worry about getting stuff done in this class.

My Thesis Statement

Scientific studies show that adolescents are lesser to blame than adults in a criminal sense because of the innocent status they hold, the severity of the crime, and their less developed and non-permanent personality traits.

My Thesis evolved so much from its original version. I explained more thoroughly about my topics and used bigger and more intellectual words. I also used some of the text from my sources to better explain what my research was done over.

My Main Points

Main Research

Most important or 'used' source

A man that goes by the last name Rosen was the most important author that constructed one of my most used sources. The good quotes and paraphrases in my essay were out of his source.

They Said It Best

Best Quote:

"To summarize the court’s current philosophical split, six justices (the five-member Roper majority, plus O’connor) believe that the meaning of the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment is subject to change over time as society’s national standards of decency evolve. But three justices (the Scalia minority) believe that the meaning of the Eighth Amendment, and other provisions of the constitution, are frozen in time as understood by the Founders in 1791” (Adelman par. 21).

This quote is my favorite because it sums up the courts ideas on my topic.

Second Quote

"In a strongly Christian country like the U.S., there’s a philosophical tradition that allows us to talk about the death penalty as if it gives meaning to the life of the accused by encouraging repentance” (Adelman par. 19).

This is my second favorite quote because it includes my religion and involves religion in the case as a factor of juvenile crime. Not a bad factor though, a factor that helps. :)

Final cool quote

"Kennedy notes that all countries but the United States and Somalia have ratified the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits the death penalty for criminals under 18” (Rosen par. 16).

I like this quote because at the time, this was a big deal in the U.S.

Something interesting

There are about forty-eight people in prison across the states that committed a crime when they were below the age of eighteen. Only one-third of these prisoners committed a homicide...

Another exciting fact!

The Court believes that the Eighth Amendment sees the death penalty for juveniles as cruel and unusual and unconstitutional. There are some states that still use the death penalty though.

Fact, Fact, Factsssssssssssssssssssssss!

Did you know that there is so many resources on my topic that you could right a 20 page essay if you wanted to. It surprised me that there was so much information. Most of the information came from sources that talked about court cases and the courts decisions in those cases.

This Is What I Learned

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I didn't really have too many challenges aside from procrastination and my transition sentences and topic sentences. There are other minor challenges like paragraph length or trying to meet the page requirement but that didn't really bother me much