Progressive Reformer

Ryleigh Hyatt

Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair was a reformer that exposed the conditions of U.S. meat packing factories and also the treatment of the workers there. He didn't agree with the way things worked in the factories and believed he could change it. In doing so he made his opinions public and wrote "The Jungle" to prove his point. When his book was read by most of the people the law decided to pass the "Pure Food and Drug Acts" and have occasional food inspections. The new rules brought better food, health and conditions of the workers in the factories.

Upton Sinclair Continued...

Born on September 20 (1878) in Baltimore, Maryland his journey began. He was a novelist, political activist, journalist and writer. He was married 3 times before he died on November 25 (1968) at 90 years of age in Bound Brook, New Jersey. His spouses included Meta Fuller (1902-11), Mary Craig Kimbrough (1913-61), and Mary Elizabeth Willis (1961-67).