Tech Appy Hour

Hosted By Mike Glennon

What is an Appy Hour?

*Full Disclosure: I didn't coin the phrase "Appy Hour," sadly. I've heard the term used and thought it perfectly captured what I'm going for!

I will host a few Appy Hour PD sessions throughout the year, each focusing on a different theme. As the name implies, the structure will be loose and light. If you can register in advance that is always helpful, but not at all necessary. Feel free to drop in and mingle as your schedule allows.

I'll have a few apps and tech tips I will present briefly. In addition, I'll be on hand to answer any tech questions you might have, on-topic or off-topic. Think of this as sandbox time- an opportunity to play and explore with me tagging along to answer questions.
No question is too big (or small!) and can pertain to any area of technology.

Sounds Good...What Can I Learn?

In addition to the planned topics, I will tackle any tech questions you have! If I don't have an immediate answer, I will research the issue and follow up within a week.

A few topic examples:
  • Setting up school email on your phone
  • HCPSS Web Resources
  • Using Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Exporting your web bookmarks to another browser/computer (Easier than you think!)
  • Getting started with GAFE or Canvas
  • Using Wixie
  • ...and whatever else you can throw at me!

What Topics will be Covered?

Backing Up Your Files

(Or "My files are safe. I totally saved them on this give-away flash drive that was probably manufactured for $0.03.")

Learn about a few options for keeping your files backed up and accessible on the go.

Getting Organized

(Or "I know I saved it right here on my desktop. Wait a minute while I scan these 349 files; I'm sure I can find it!")

Learn how to keep your electronic life organized and at your fingertips.
From web bookmarks to articles you want read later, I've got you covered!

Staying Up to Date

(Or "Wait...what? What do you mean I can't rent video tapes for my VCR anymore?
Next, you'll probably tell me that I can I use my phone to check the weather!")

Learn about apps and web tools to help you stay up to date and even customize the news you read based on your interests.

When are the Workshops? And Where?

All Appy Hour sessions will be held in Mike's classroom beginning at 3:40.

Thursday February 18th: Backing Up Your Files

Thursday March 10th: Getting Organized

Thursday April 14th
: Staying Up to Date


Easy! Click the link below to access the Appy Hour registration form.

PD Registration Form

Where Can I Access Workshop Resources?

Resources for this workshop (and others) can be found on my PD website.

Mike's Tech PD Website