Redeemer Youth Newsletter

September 14


Remedy, is our Wednesday night Bible Study, on Wednesday nights.


6:30 - 8:15pm

The Bishop's house

Food provided

We are looking for families to help out this semester by providing food. The way it works is a family takes a month, which is only 3 days since one Wednesday a month is our Wild Wednesday where students eat beforehand. If you are able to help please email, call or text me to let me know.

Meal Calendar

Septemer: Zettlers

October: ?

November: Knowles

December: ?

What We Are Studying

Last week we went over the lesson Honor Your Father and Mother: What the Bible says about parents. We discussed what it means to really honor your parents and how this is a command from the Lord.

This week we will be discussing Parents: Obeying your parents: Desiring God v. following rules. We will be talking about how obedience is more a reflection of the heart not a checkbox of rules.


Starting Sept. 28 we will start meeting at the Wood's house. They live off of Corinth Parkway in Corinth. I will be sending out the address once we get closer.

Youth Game Night: THIS SUNDAY

It's that time again!

THIS SUNDAY is our first Youth Game Night of the semester! Come over the the Bishop's house from 5:30 - 7:30 to gather together and have some fun! Please bring a snack to share. Eat before you come or feel free to bring your dinner with you if you need to.

Sunday, 18

5:30 - 7:30pm

Bishop's house

Bring Snack to share

Parents welcome

Students Events and Activies

Be a part of each others lives is a part of what it means to be the church to one another.

If your student has events or school activities coming up please share those with me. Also feel free to post those dates and times on the Redeemer Youth Facebook Page as well so we can come and support one another.

It is a closed group so if you aren't in let me know and I'll add you. Also, if you don't have a Facebook account just text me and I will put it on there.

Youth & Parent Resource Toolbox

We are starting something new!

Throughout the fall we will have articles, book recommendations, study plans and other resources available to you in this section of the Newsletter we are calling the Youth & Parent Resource Toolbox.

Recently I read an article that I thought was really good dealing with what does it mean to be "successful" at parenting teens. I highly recommend taking some time to read it!

What is "Success" in Parenting Teen? - Paul David Tripp

Youth Calendar, See what's coming up!

  • 9/14 Remedy
  • 9/18 Youth Game Night
  • 9/21 Remedy: Wild Wednesday
  • 9/25 The Landing
  • 9/28 Remedy
  • 10/5 Remedy
  • 10/9 The Landing
  • 10/12 Remedy
  • 10/16 Youth Game Night
  • 10/19 Remedy
  • 10/23 The Landing
  • 10/26 Remedy