1. Wally looks like this picture ------->
  2. Wally likes to eat and drink lava and he travels by walking on the side of a volcano. The mom and dad lay the eggs and they have 4-5 and their family is the only family who lives in the volcano.
  3. There is gravity so he can just walk around the volcano.
  4. There is 4 other animals and 2 more plants but he only drinks lava and collects the ashes from the other plant ( Scary )
  5. Wally's habitat is in a volcano he has suction cup feet so he can easily walk on the sides of the volcano.
  6. There is no technology for Wally to use.

Extra facts

  • Cupped tounge to drink lava and ashes off of Scary
  • Looks like an eyeball
  • Has 3 different puples to see more but can't see behind without moving around
  • Can blink
  • Helpless.... Going extinct because of stupidity
  • Never goes out of it's volcano