Common Courtesy 101: Hygene

How to avoid getting yourself and other sick.

Simple Tips on How to Keep Yourself and Others Free of Disease

First, you need to wash your hands frequently and sneeze and cough into your arm. Those are just basic hygiene rules you've known since first grade. Secondly, if you are sick or think you may be, you need to go to the doctor. Get some medicine and get yourself better so you aren't a risk to others. Another good tip is to disinfect your house for disease "hot zones" like doorknobs, fridge and toilet handles, ect. Last but not least, don't share your personal items. Weather you're sick or not. If you are, it will get others sick with what you have. And if you aren't they could get you sick and that's just gross anyway.

How To Sneeze

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In Conclusion

These are some basic tips on how to avoid spreading infectious disease. Please take them into consideration to keep yourself and others from getting sick.